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Digital strategies for SMEs and international brands. For more success, growth and new potentials.

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Digital Agency

With us, you can digitise and scale products for the future.

  • Increase visibility and reach
  • Receive more qualified customer inquiries
  • Reduce costs
  • Digitalization of business processes
  • Automate processes
  • Interfaces and software
  • Employer branding

Our passion for UX/UI design, performance marketing and technical perfection is reflected in each of our projects. With us you get more than just a web application or website: We design the future with you together. Our creative team relies on individual concepts that not only make your company visible in the digital space, but also promote it sustainably. Rely on our expertise, with which we have already successfully implemented numerous projects for medium-sized companies, but also internationally known brands. With us you will find a strategic partner for a lively and effective digital transformation.

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Services at a glance

As an established agency, we offer all the important services that will take your company further.

Strategic consulting

Bespoke solutions to effectively manage digital change. Together we analyse your existing processes, identify potential and develop innovative strategies to gain competitive advantages.

UX/UI Design

Aesthetic design strengthens your brand, sets you apart from the competition and often determines success or failure. We know how user-oriented design works.

Business Websites

High-quality and lead-optimized websites with content management system (CMS) for demanding companies and brands.

Web applications

Powerful and custom-made web applications such as SaaS products and any type of complex custom solutions.

Online shops

Professional and target group oriented online stores that successfully sell your physical or digital products.

Online marketing

SEO, SEA and content marketing from one hand. Measurably more traffic and qualified leads in the form of new customers and applicants.

Strategic Consultation for Increased Efficiency


In the world of digitalization, opportunities continually arise to optimize workflows and better utilize resources. Our digital agency specializes in transferring your operational processes into digital processes that are measurably more efficient and reliable. We help you identify and realize hidden potentials. With strategic consulting and targeted use of digital tools, we increase the effectiveness of your company and promote customer satisfaction.

The Perfect Combination for Your Success


Our focus is not only on the pure implementation of digital concepts, but also on an intensive examination of complex psychological components. Because in addition to increasing efficiency, it is crucial to emotionally reach your potential customers. This holistic approach aims not only to optimize processes but also to inspire and bind people. Discover with us how this synergy propels your business forward.

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Our Processes for Your Success

In agile projects, steps can overlap or be omitted depending on requirements. But we always adapt the processes to your needs.

  1. 01 Requirement Analysis and Goal Definition We work closely with you to understand the requirements and set the goals. In this, we place great importance on the needs of your target group.
  2. 02 User Research and User Profiling Through comprehensive research, we want to understand the target group and their needs better. For this, we create detailed user profiles to align product development with the needs of the users.
  3. 03 Information Architecture and UX Design Based on the collected information, the information architecture is created to plan the structure and layout of the digital product. The User Experience (UX) is defined to ensure intuitive and user-friendly interaction.
  4. 04 Wireframing and Prototyping We then create prototypes of the digital product. This allows us to check the design and functionality and make changes before the actual development.
  5. 05 Design and Visual Presentation Based on the prototypes, the interface or web design visual design is created. The customer's branding is taken into account and a visually appealing user interface is developed.
  6. 06 Development and Testing This step involves technical development. We program the required functionalities, integrate interfaces, carry out comprehensive tests, and fix bugs to ensure the quality and stability of the product.
  7. 07 Deployment and Go-Live After completing development, we prepare for the live launch. We set up the required server and IT infrastructures and deployment pipelines to host the product and ensure smooth operation.
  8. 08 Maintenance and Expansion Even after the launch, we are here for you. We monitor and maintain your product, fix any occurring problems, and carry out continuous optimizations based on user feedback and analysis data.

Our Toolkit

Our team relies on tools that increase our productivity and consistently lead us to outstanding results. This also includes relying only on thoughtful and future-oriented technologies. Otherwise the standards we set in our projects would not be achievable. With the tools we use internally, but also together with you, we are able to implement all your requirements ideally.

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We answer some important questions.

How does a digital agency differ from an internet agency?

The distinction between a digital agency and an internet agency can sometimes be confusing, as there is no clear definition separating the two terms.

Our digital agency focuses on strategic orientation and the development of digital products. In contrast, an internet agency mainly focuses on the creation of websites, online shops, and web applications. However, as a digital agency, we offer a broader range of services. Our service spectrum extends beyond the development of websites and online shops to include the implementation of web applications. We assist our clients in designing digital interfaces, optimizing communication structures, and fulfilling specific customer needs. Our versatile expertise allows us to act as valuable consultants, supporting our clients in the development of forward-thinking concepts. We offer not only project-based services but also engage in long-term partnerships to accompany companies in their development, monitoring, and improvement of digital platforms and products.

Through the integration of systems and applications, we can develop innovative solutions that have the potential to create new business areas and product portfolios. We can also monitor and optimize our clients' IT infrastructure to ensure that it meets the requirements of new software products. Given the digital transformation, close collaboration with our digital agency is invaluable for companies. We bring extensive knowledge, creativity, and innovation to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

How long does it take to complete a project with us?

The timeframe for completing a project depends on the scope of the project and can range from a few weeks to several months.

For larger projects, it's crucial how far your planning has already progressed. If it's a loose idea that needs to be developed by us, the effort is accordingly higher. However, if you already have advanced concepts and need a partner for implementation, we can deliver results quickly and efficiently based on agile working methods.

We would be happy to assist you in developing your idea as part of a concept workshop.

What distinguishes a digital agency from a management consultancy?

Digital agencies are experts in the field of digital transformation. While management consultancies primarily focus on strategic consultation, digital agencies offer a comprehensive approach. They assist businesses in realizing and managing digital transformation.

Digital transformation involves integrating existing processes, systems, and infrastructures with digital technologies to enhance work efficiency and establish new business models. As a digital agency, we support businesses in developing and implementing digital business strategies.

By collaborating with digital agencies, businesses can develop powerful digital solutions that cater to the needs of their customers. The agencies aid their clients in fully harnessing the benefits of digital technologies.

Management consultancies usually have a limited understanding of digital technologies. On the other hand, a digital agency possesses extensive and in-depth knowledge about various technologies and can help businesses develop and implement their digital solutions.

Additionally, digital agencies offer a wide range of services, spanning from strategic consultation to design and development, online marketing, and support. These services assist businesses in optimizing their digital success.

What distinguishes a digital agency from an advertising agency?

A digital agency and an advertising agency have different areas of focus and approaches, although there can be overlaps.

A digital agency mainly focuses on the digital world and the development of digital solutions. This includes the design and development of websites, mobile apps, e-commerce platforms, online marketing, and search engine optimization. On the contrary, an advertising agency focuses on various areas of advertising, including print advertising, television and radio advertising, outdoor advertising, and other non-digital media.

We as a digital agency have specific expertise in the areas of web development, programming, user experience design, online marketing, and digital strategies. Advertising agencies, on the other hand, tend to focus more on marketing strategy, brand building, creativity, and communication. It is important to note that the distinction between a digital agency and an advertising agency has blurred over time as many agencies today cover both areas and pursue an integrated approach.

We also combine these competencies in our team and are proud to stand by your side as a strong and future-oriented agency.

Customer testimonials

„With over half a million visitors monthly, our website is one of our most important acquisition channels. Mindtwo has helped us convey our messages to our target audience effectively and has significantly improved onsite performance.“

Leonard Tekstra
Head of Online Marketing @ Kesselheld GmbH

„We are thoroughly impressed with our new website. As a result, we decided to opt for ongoing SEO consultation and maintenance of the website system.“

Robert Eitemüller
Marketing Services Manager & UX Design @ LIS AG

„When translating a technical book on the topic of Laravel, mindtwo assisted us with a professional review, providing valuable insights.“

Ariane Hesse
Editor @ O'REILLY Computerbuchverlag

„With your help, we've taken our digital recruiting strategy to a new level. Thanks to your website and lead tracking, as well as the interface integration with our HR tool, we can now target our campaigns more effectively to our desired audience and optimize our applicant management processes. Thank you for the collaborative and trustworthy partnership.“

Stefanja Kanka
Head of Human Resources @ Primus Service GmbH

„After the successful relaunch, our new website is as fast, versatile, and modern as our X-raid rally vehicles.“

X-raid GmbH
Marketing / Press @ X-raid GmbH

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