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Web Applications and Software Development

Powerful and Scalable Software Solutions for Businesses

Give your business a competitive advantage with a secure and stable web application that best meets your requirements and provides an outstanding user experience. We develop custom digital products for every need and challenge.

Platforms and Portals


Thanks to a multitude of projects and collaborations for businesses ranging from SMEs to DAX companies, we have gained a great deal of experience in planning and technically implementing platforms and online portals. One of our key focuses involves the implementation of e-learning platforms.

SaaS Solutions


Software-as-a-Service is trending, and we are increasingly realizing more SaaS products. Whether it's a compliance tool for businesses or appointment scheduling and billing software for the healthcare industry. We rely on Laravel Spark and know what successful and profitable SaaS applications should look like.

Custom Software


You have complex ideas and requirements for custom programming or need an interface to one of your current systems? We are here to help you with these subjects. Ranging from conception, interfaced design, technical implementation, to server infrastructure planning and subsequent maintenance, we are the specialists for custom software.


Overview of Our Services

Project Inquiry

  1. Online Portals
  2. Software-as-a-Service
  3. Multidomain systems
  4. Shop systems and Payment
  5. UX/UI Design
  6. Maintenance und Service
  7. Support for Projects

Case Studies

Learn-Management-System (LMS)

Discover "skillsforwork," the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Learning Management System (LMS), developed for a professional publishing division of VNR AG, that transforms companies by simplifying and optimizing employee training. This platform sets new standards in usability, security, and learning flexibility. Whether for onboarding, further education, or specialized courses, the LMS we developed is the solution for forward-thinking companies that value increasing productivity and employee engagement.

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For a prestigious DAX company in the automotive sector, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive event management and booking platform for motorsport events, including a fully integrated travel management system, in close collaboration with our lead partner, the METZLER : VATER group.



Primus Service stands for sustainable catering concepts in company cafeterias and social facilities nationwide in Germany. With the dailyBox, an online ordering platform has been created that enables employees and external guests to order food digitally, including payment.

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High-Caliber Tech Stack

The technologies we support offer everything needed for scalable, efficient results, and successful collaboration.

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Our Approach


Bringing a digital product to life is a lean, iterative process. As your product evolves and user problems need to be solved, you have to quickly and consistently develop and roll out new features. As a technically driven Internet agency, we work according to the principles of agile software development, to consistently present product iterations at the end of each sprint.

Our Approach


In each project, we implement a set of best practices for agile software development. This includes taking into account the S.O.L.I.D principles and Test Driven Development with comprehensive unit and feature tests. Self-explanatory clean code and stable and secure frameworks form a criterion of excellence that you can expect from us. Systematic review processes and professional monitoring services in combination with advanced CI/CD pipelines for rapid deployment of releases (without downtime) help us ensure high code quality.

It's Worth It

A custom web application helps you effectively and cost-efficiently achieve, or even exceed, your business objectives and needs. Below, we provide further good reasons for a web application.

Full Ownership

The web application resulting from our collaboration is yours. You won't continue to pay expensive licenses or usage fees to third-party manufacturers.

Much More Flexible

A web application is independent of operating systems and easily accessible worldwide through the browser. This entails that no classic installation on an end device is necessary.

Great User Experience

For us, not only what's under the hood counts. We develop visually appealing and efficient web applications that offer their users a guaranteed experience when used.

No Island Solutions

Do you use a different tool for everything? Perhaps there are even different tools for each department? We help identify your needs and offer a comprehensive solution that sustainably optimizes your most important processes.

Easily Adaptable

The implementation of functional enhancements and adjustments can be provided much faster and more cost-effectively with your own web application.

Reliable and Secure Maintenance

We ensure your product is future-proof and long-term usable through continuous technical support from our team of specialists, who proactively fix issues.


Below you will find answers to some general questions about web applications.

How much does a custom web application cost?

The cost of a web application cannot be accurately stated without a carefully prepared requirements catalog. All agencies that do otherwise plan unfair and inflated buffers or discussions about renegotiations from the outset. Therefore, it depends on you how seriously your project is taken and how precise the initial cost estimation can be. The more relevant information on requirements, ideas and wishes is transmitted in a bundled manner, the clearer the idea of what you plan to do becomes.

Before we talk about costs, we fundamentally want to talk to you. We also want to find out if the chemistry is right and both parties are on the same level. After all, it's about a significant investment in the future of your company. During such customer discussions, it regularly turns out that interested parties are not adequately able to formulate the requirements. For these cases, we offer workshops in which we get to know you and your company, the unique selling points and target groups, and based on that, provide strategic and technology-related advice to clarify the project together. After that, we are usually able to make a cost estimate.

Now, we've been skillfully navigating around this original question, about the cost of a web application, for some time. However, it remains vague, because there is an extreme range and variety. From our own experience, we can say that simple web applications start in the low five-figure range and have no upper limit.

Are you considering a custom web application? Then contact us and tell us more about your project and the requirements.

What is a web application?

Web applications can be smaller applications that are integrated into an existing website, or large and extremely complex, standalone software applications. The development of a web application is usually the more advantageous alternative to a program to be installed locally on a computer. Since the program itself is located on a web server, it can be operated on any device via the browser. Thus, a web application is not only independent of the device, but also independent of the operating system. The web application is not installed locally on a device and is therefore also very flexible and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection via a browser. Updates and maintenance only apply to the central installation on the server. The IT architecture is also simplified, for example, different system interfaces do not have to be implemented.

What is our process for developing web applications and software?

We operate using principles of agile software development in small developer teams, which cover both backend and frontend development comprehensively. We maintain a personal exchange with each other and with you as the client, and you will benefit from our flat hierarchies. This makes all of us more effective and efficient.

Referring to the Agile Manifesto from 2001, we propagate the formulated principles:

The individuals and interactions in the team are more important than processes and tools. The working software or web application is more important than comprehensive documentation. Productive collaboration with you, our customer, is more important than contract negotiations. Responding to change and making adjustments is more important than adhering to a plan. Notably, with these principles, it should be pointed out that all the mentioned values are very relevant for a software project and a successful collaboration. However, the first ones mentioned take precedence over the latter.

What technologies do we use?

The basis of our web applications is usually the server-side programming language PHP with the Laravel Framework. Alternatively, and depending on requirements, we also implement Single Page Applications and more complex JavaScript applications based on Vue.js.

In general, we rely on established workflows and tools that increase quality and productivity. Gitlab, Github for version control, Tailwind CSS as the best available CSS framework, and sophisticated and extremely fast build processes using Vite or webpack or mix from the Laravel cosmos.

We also rely on MySQL and PostgreSQL for databases, and Apache or Nginx as web servers. For powerful and scalable servers or cloud infrastructures, we rely on Digital Ocean, Forge, and AWS or alternatively the German company Hetzner.

Why choose a custom software over WordPress?

This is a question we hear quite often. The answer, however, is simple. WordPress is a CMS and primarily an excellent tool for managing small to medium-sized websites. Web applications such as SaaS products, online shops, and portals can also undoubtedly be implemented with WordPress. Usually, however, nothing works without plugins - and lots of them. This aspect alone is a deal-breaker for us because one should not entrust the success of their company to dozens of different developers one will never meet. It creates substantial dependencies on third-party manufacturers, which will inevitably lead to problems in any growth-oriented digital product sooner or later.

Beside the issue of dependency situations, WordPress is also unsuitable for an ambitious web application in terms of its application architecture and database structure. Explaining this would veer too much into technical jargon, so we'll leave it at that. If you want to know more about the reasons against WordPress or a CMS in general as a basis for a professional web application, please tell us about your project plans through our inquiry form.

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