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Keep sensitive information like passwords out of your chats by creating a one-time link. For additional protection, the content can be encrypted with a passphrase if required.

The secret link can only be accessed once. The content will then be deleted forever.


The passphrase is optional and additionally secures the content. This passphrase must be entered when opening the link.

The secret link only works once and the content will be deleted afterwards.

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The secret link only works once and the content will be deleted forever afterwards.

The age of secure communication with OTS

Confidential data constantly circulates through a network of communication channels, thereby always exposing it to potential threats. Given this reality, it is crucial to ensure robust protection for such sensitive information. This is where One Time Secrets (OTS) come into play.

One Time Secrets go far beyond the function of a conventional security tool. They represent a paradigm shift in handling data privacy and the exchange of information. OTS enable users to regain control over their personal data. They offer a straightforward yet highly effective solution to one of the most pressing challenges of our time in the digital realm.

With OTS by your side, you can protect confidential information and operate in the digital world without worries. Utilize the full potential of the internet without having to compromise on security.

In an era where data protection is increasingly coming into focus, One Time Secrets mark a decisive step towards a future where digital security is not an option, but a given. Discover the benefits of OTS and regain sovereignty over your data. The time for One Time Secrets is now.