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Web Development Agency

With skilled web developers for your online success

As a digital agency, we place high value on quality, user-friendliness, and technical excellence. Our goal is to offer you solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs and convince your users on a sustainable basis. Our key areas of expertise lie in the development of high-quality websites, web applications, online shops, and platforms.


Why our clients enjoy working with us and hire us again

„With your help, we've taken our digital recruiting strategy to a new level. Thanks to your website and lead tracking, as well as the interface integration with our HR tool, we can now target our campaigns more effectively to our desired audience and optimize our applicant management processes. Thank you for the collaborative and trustworthy partnership.“

Stefanja Kanka
Head of Human Resources @ Primus Service GmbH

„We use our new website as an effective marketing tool, allowing us to finally showcase our products in a fitting manner.“

Giovanni Cataldi
Head of Marketing @ OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH

„When translating a technical book on the topic of Laravel, mindtwo assisted us with a professional review, providing valuable insights.“

Ariane Hesse
Editor @ O'REILLY Computerbuchverlag

„With over half a million visitors monthly, our website is one of our most important acquisition channels. Mindtwo has helped us convey our messages to our target audience effectively and has significantly improved onsite performance.“

Leonard Tekstra
Head of Online Marketing @ Kesselheld GmbH

„We are thoroughly impressed with our new website. As a result, we decided to opt for ongoing SEO consultation and maintenance of the website system.“

Robert Eitemüller
Marketing Services Manager & UX Design @ LIS AG

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What we work with

We solve your challenges with powerful and secure technologies, frameworks, and content management systems.


With Laravel, we program effective and lean web developments for you. Laravel simplifies the programming of recurring features.


With the sleek and versatile JavaScript framework Vue.js, modern single-page web applications and dynamic website components can be realized.

Craft CMS

For large websites for SMEs, and even on a corporate level, Craft CMS is always a good choice. It can incredibly well adapt to any requirement. We are your agency for Craft CMS.


WordPress is the most widely used content management system globally. We offer solutions for WordPress that also meet the highest standards.

Storyblok Logo Darstellung des Logos vom Unternehmen bzw. des Produkts oder der Marke Storyblok.

Storyblok, Strapi or Contentful

Headless CMS platforms like Strapi, Contentful and Storyblok allow the efficient management of content for websites and applications. They provide a "headless" approach, where content can be displayed via APIs on various platforms.

Grav CMS Logo Darstellung des Logos vom Unternehmen bzw. des Produkts oder der Marke Grav CMS.

Grav CMS

The user-friendly Flat-File-CMS ensures super-fast performance. We gladly plan less content-rich websites with Grav as CMS.


As a first-class alternative to other shop systems, you can bundle all essential components of your online shop in one software with Shopify. We support you in this.

Why You Should Work with Us

  1. 01 High focus on quality Our commitment to the highest quality in terms of design, functionality and technology is evident in every project we execute.
  2. 02 Tailored Solutions We offer customized solutions that are precisely aligned with the specific needs and objectives of our clients. Nothing off-the-rack or simply the next best, half-heartedly tweaked theme.
  3. 03 Technical Excellence Our team has a broad expertise and experience in web development, to provide you with a technically advanced solution that truly suits you.
  4. 04 Broad Deployment Whether it's Front-End or Back-End development, we have a quick-witted team of developers and programmers - all with several years of experience.
  5. 05 Agile Methodology Bringing a digital product to life is a lean, iterative process. We work agile, which means we respond quickly and flexibly to changes, offering you a rapid implementation of your projects.
  6. 06 Current Technologies We have a vast competence in the field of web development. From Javascript, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js to PHP with Laravel to DevOps and Cloud Services, we are the right partner for web development.

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