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Employer Branding Agency

Creation & Promotion of High-Quality and Powerful Employer Branding Websites

At a glance: Employer Branding

  • Boost attractiveness and reputation
  • Attract applicants purposefully
  • Clearly convey corporate culture
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Create a coherent corporate image
  • Strengthen employee loyalty
  • Resilience during crisis times

Employer Branding strengthens the brand identity as an employer, increases company visibility, and improves the quality and quantity of applications. It positions companies as attractive employers, effectively reducing recruitment and hiring costs.

With a modern Employer Branding or career website, companies strategically communicate their messages and build a distinctive employer brand. Through videos, images, and texts, an authentic corporate image is conveyed, while the website offers a platform for engagement with applicants.


Your Benefits with Us as an Employer Branding Agency

In an environment where talents are selective and companies are in fierce competition, a strong employer brand sets decisive accents.

  • Attractiveness. A strong employer brand attracts talent. Companies are not only noticed but also preferred - they become the first choice for applicants.
  • Cost Saving. Companies with attractive employer images reduce recruiting costs and require fewer resources for candidate search and retention.
  • Employee Retention. Satisfied employees stay longer. A positive employer image increases employee satisfaction and reduces turnover rate.
  • Corporate Culture. Good employer branding promotes a positive corporate culture. It creates a culture of pride, belonging, and motivation among employees.
  • Differentiation. In a market dominated by competition, employer branding provides a clear distinction from competitors and emphasizes the uniqueness of the company.
  • Digitization. A targeted approach in the digitization of HR not only creates efficiency, but also a technological advantage in recruiting and competition for talent.

0 % More qualified applicants thanks to a strong employer brand*

0 % Lower costs per hire compared to other companies*

0 % Prefer a company that actively invests in its employer brand**

Sources: * LinkedIn's Ultimate List of Hiring Stats, ** Glassdoor, U.S. Site Survey


Specialized in digital solutions for employer branding: From high-quality career websites to targeted marketing – we shape your online presence to inspire talents for you.

Career Websites and Portals


As an agency for employer branding and career websites, we offer comprehensive support from consulting and conception to development and marketing. We create authentic content that strengthens your brand and attracts talents.

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Interfaces and APIs for HR Software


A seamless interface connection is crucial for efficiency and productivity in HR area. Our expertise in API development enables the integration of your career website with ATS- and HR software like Personio, SmartRecruiters, Recruitee, Onlyfy, and others.

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Online Marketing for Employer Branding


The right online marketing strategy for your career website can make a difference when it comes to positioning yourself as a top employer. We help to fill your website with authentic content and increase your visibility in the relevant target group for you.

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Our Proven Process for Your Employer Branding

An effective career website is key for successful employer branding. With our 7-step process, we assist you from strategy through to marketing, creating a website that strengthens your brand and actively attracts talent.

  1. 01 Strategy and Concept We begin with the strategic planning and development of the employer branding website, defining objectives, target audiences, design, and the website's content.
  2. 02 Design Next, we create the website's design, considering the target audience's preferences and focusing on creating a unique and authentic branding experience.
  3. 03 Programming After the design, we technically implement the website. We create the necessary functions and interfaces to systems like Personio, SmartRecruiters, Onlyfy, Recruitee, and co. and ensure seamless integration with other systems.
  4. 04 Content Then, we assist as needed in creating necessary content for the website, such as texts, images, videos, and graphics. The focus here is on authenticity.
  5. 05 Testing and Optimization To optimize the website for maximum usability and functionality, we test and improve the website.
  6. 06 Marketing We promote the employer branding website by featuring it on various PPC channels and developing an SEO strategy.
  7. 07 Further Development After the launch, we continue to accompany the project and continuously optimize it to maximize success for you.

Why ambitious companies should act

Amid global upheavals and sociopolitical drivers, we specialize in employer branding websites for SMEs and large corporations. With this expertise, we face current challenges and strengthen our customers' employer presence.

Digital change

The rapid development of digital technology is changing work methods and expectations of employers. It's not just about technical adaptability, but about a company culture that internalizes digital values such as openness and agility.

Changing talent search

The generational change and the "War of Talents" demand a realignment in recruiting. Understandings of career are changing; talents are looking for meaningful activities and employers that reflect their values.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is not just a matter of fairness, but also a crucial factor for innovation and competitiveness. An inclusive working environment attracts talents and promotes the exchange of ideas.

Work-life integration

Instead of a strict separation of work and private life, many talents are looking for a fluid integration of both areas, for example through flexible working hours or home office options.

The role of employer branding

In this complex network, employer branding gains importance. It not only serves to build a positive company image, but also acts as a compass that navigates companies through societal challenges.

Global networking

Due to global networking and mobility, applicants expect opportunities for international assignments and cultural exchange. Companies that offer such opportunities position themselves attractively in the competition for talents.

Climate change and environmental awareness

The environmental issue and the need for sustainable business practices are no longer niche topics. Companies are under pressure not only to act environmentally friendly, but also to report transparently about it.


We clarify some important questions.

How can a company measure the results of an employer branding website?

Companies can measure the results of an employer branding website using various metrics, including the number of page visits, the number of applicants, the duration of stay on the website, and the conversion rate.

How can an Employer Branding website help to publicize a company?

An Employer Branding website can help to publicize a company by providing unique, authentic content that highlights the company's values and culture. A strong Employer Branding website can be used as a platform for interacting with applicants, building a strong bond and increasing the company's visibility.

How can companies build a strong connection with applicants?

In order to build a strong bond with applicants, companies can offer interactive elements such as surveys, chats, and other opportunities for interaction to their applicants. They can also create a newsletter to keep applicants informed about news and career opportunities.

How can companies improve their employer branding appearance?

Companies can enhance their employer branding presence by using videos, images, and text to convey a unique and authentic image of their brand. They can also add interactive elements such as polls or chats to encourage dialogue with applicants.

What company information should be included on an employer branding website?

Employer branding websites should contain information about the company, including its history, values, culture, employees, and career opportunities. They should also include testimonials from employees, videos, and images.

What elements should be included on an employer branding website to ensure a positive experience for candidates?

Companies can optimize the applicant process on an employer branding website by providing easily accessible registration forms and user-friendly navigation. They can also make a concerted effort to engage candidates in dialogue to ensure that they feel comfortable on the site and successfully complete their application.

What steps are required to create an employer branding website?

To create a successful employer branding website, it is important to develop a clear strategy, create a powerful design, program the website, and market it.

What's the importance of Employer Branding Websites for companies?

An Employer Branding Website can assist companies in developing a robust brand identity and appeal. It can contribute to raising brand awareness, increasing the number of candidates, improving the quality of applicants, and enhancing employer attractiveness.

Which role does design play in the creation of an employer branding website?

Design plays a very important role in creating an employer branding website. A powerful design can help convey the company's message clearly and build a strong visual brand.

Which types of content are best suited for an employer branding website?

Videos, images, and text content are best suited to convey the company's brand. These contents should be authentic and interesting to attract the attention of applicants.

Why our clients enjoy working with us and hire us again

„We are thoroughly impressed with our new website. As a result, we decided to opt for ongoing SEO consultation and maintenance of the website system.“

Robert Eitemüller
Marketing Services Manager & UX Design @ LIS AG

„With your help, we've taken our digital recruiting strategy to a new level. Thanks to your website and lead tracking, as well as the interface integration with our HR tool, we can now target our campaigns more effectively to our desired audience and optimize our applicant management processes. Thank you for the collaborative and trustworthy partnership.“

Stefanja Kanka
Head of Human Resources @ Primus Service GmbH

„Our website, alongside our app, is one of the most important communication channels for TWINT. mindtwo particularly supports us with technical challenges and implementations. We especially value the reliable, quick, and straightforward collaboration!“

Eva-Maria Mörtenhuber
Head of Performance Marketing & Branding @ TWINT AG

„When translating a technical book on the topic of Laravel, mindtwo assisted us with a professional review, providing valuable insights.“

Ariane Hesse
Editor @ O'REILLY Computerbuchverlag

„After the successful relaunch, our new website is as fast, versatile, and modern as our X-raid rally vehicles.“

X-raid GmbH
Marketing / Press @ X-raid GmbH

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